Augmented PROUN

Augmented Proun

How can we pay hommage to Lissitzky’s work, bounded by the burden of the materiality of this world? How can we celebrate pure creativity, if our forms are closely tied to the limitations of gravity? How can we communicate a person’s most urgent message, if the means we use defy the message itself?

Well, there must be a number of ways, but we choose not to. With today’s technology, we now can realise in real space what El Lissitzky did on paper. The ‘Augmented PROUN’ is an application of augmented reality in the campus area, a monument to Lissitzky and his vision.

Lissitzky’s paintings are in the campus, hovering over buildings, attached to walls, emerging from the ground, hiding among trees. Visitors only see the monument on the screen of their mobile phones, by pointing their cameras to the right direction. Now people can experience Lissitzky’s original work in a way that was never before possible. They can even create their own PROUNS, using a palette of pre-defined shapes and colours on their screens.

An innovative solution with a small footprint and a big impact:

Construction cost is limited to a ground GPS system in the campus. The GPS informs mobile phones of their exact location. A few locations can be used at first, featuring a small number of works by Lissitzky, and more can be added later.

An application is downloaded to the mobile phones of the visitors, which allows them to interact with the monument.

Awarded : Third place in Open Architectural Competition of Novosibirsk