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Features Extractor for Cascade Classifier [pt.I]

Athens, Greece. City of the Parthenon and other world-class ancient ruins, a lively night life and, saddly, overhead power cables everywhere. Pigeons love power cables. As is always the case with real estate, location is everything. Pigeons like some wires better than others, what with the better view and everything. As a result, some stretches […]


VL.MySmallTitans MySmallTitans is a condensed but not that small collection of different VL and vvvv nodes for mangling with any kind of midi input (Iapetus) in order to control image sequence playback (Crius) or play with lights (Hyperion [upcoming]) and get control of everything with a timeline (Rhea) and a simplistic UI (Phoebe) Iapetus Midi […]